Confusion, a first post and Confusion

Sitting here infront of my laptop I realise I’m very lost on how to start this post. I can take solace in the fact that scrutiny won’t really come my way as no one is going to read this.

Anywho, now that my introductory existential crisis is out the way I can conitnue with my post. So, what do i want to say.

I want a medium for my thoughts to become actualised and this seems the better option rather than my solitary journalling in notion.

Back to me being lost, you’ll find this is something im going to refer to a lot (should I continue with posting). I never really know what to do, confusion compounds and oftentimes leaves me taking bittersweet path of “ignorance is bliss” with many aspects of my life. I’d say it was a benign nihilism but that seems to be an awfully hyperbolic description of an ideology that, to me, seems to be against hyperbole.

Life is easier when we’re not as engaged with it. with me I notice engagement with life, be it through journalling, meditation or extended periods of introspection, whilst increasing my functionality as a conscious being, undoubtedly makes me feel worse and emotionally regress.

So begs the question, is it worth it?

Don’t ask me im confused as it is.

I like learning, understanding and explaining